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Spring Break Camp
March 25-29
Registration Launch Jan 15

Summer 2024
Summer Registration
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Spring Break & Summer Camp

Children aged 3-12 may attend our drop-off camp Monday through Friday from 9am-2pm (aftercare options available til 4pm if enough demand exists). Our program rotates its location (for ecological preservation reasons) between LaBagh, Forest Glen, and Bunker Hill Forest Preserves. 


Play is at the heart of everything we do. Child-led free play means that kids choose their activities in a setting that is ripe for play, thanks to all the interesting features provided by a nature setting as well as the materials and playscape brought in by our playworkers. Some of the common ways children play include engaging with the playscapes set up by our playworkers; drawing and painting; participating in processed-based art projects; tree climbing; sculpting or harvesting clay; building stick houses; digging in mud, dirt, or puddles; rope making; making up games and playing them; reading and telling stories; hiking; bird-watching and plant identification; making pretend food; and enacting pretend play such as playing house, family, or cats.

Often our older kids participate in many of the same activities as the younger children (process-based art; tree climbing; fort building; hiking; sculpting or harvesting clay; reading or telling stories; making up games and playing them; bird-watching and plant identification; rope making), but they also often choose to participate in more organized cooperative/competitive games, card games, board games, or skill practicing such as whittling (under close supervision of playworkers).. 


Learn more about a typical day in the woods here and what kinds of seasonal delights you can expect to experience with us.

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